Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 2016 Kittens at a Private Home




Found in the garage of a private home in Redding, these kittens are about three months old.  There are two boys in tuxedos and a girl in stripes, all with polydac-toes.

These kittens are "unprocessed" at the moment and potential adopters must agree to have them spayed or neutered within a reasonable time.

Some financial and practical help with this may be available.

On the other hand, those that gots money is encouraged to kick us down some.

Contact Joe's Cat Ranch at:
(530) 638-1710 or

or leave a comment on this thread.

Merry Catsmas!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Beringer and Mondavi


Two Adult Females - Spayed

When I first heard about these two cats they were scheduled to be put down at noon and it was 11:05.  At first I thought there was nothing I could do for them, but I stuck my neck out anyway and said that I would find a home for them if that would get them off of death row.

 It worked.  But now I have to make good on the home I promised to find!

The wine sisters have been at a foster home recovering from some minor sniffles that they caught while at the animal shelter and are now in good health and ready for their forever homes.

We believe they may have been left on their own when their human passed away but only they know the whole story and they aren't talking.

Joe's Cat Ranch will throw in a bottle of wine to whomever adopts one or both of these fine animals.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Candy at Annie's Pet Rescue


Candy is ready for Adoption and will be at our adoption day at Petco in Redding on Saturday March 12th from 11-3pm.

Candy - female kitten
Adoption fee $60