Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tongue Sticker-Outer Needs Home

This little one is getting fixed, but needs a home right away!
Hi Joe, I know this is a long shot, but I thought you might know. My daughter found a very sweet small young kitty @ the I5 truck stop about 200 miles @ of Sacto. She is VERY loving and sweet, purring like mad, when she got her, but since we've had her here has withdrawn and is hiding under the bed because she hears our 6 dogs right outside the door (the only spare room is mine, where I'm keeping her, and my daughter's Great Pyrenees is right outside). I feel so terrible for her and see her shutting down; very sad. I am grabbing her out from under the bed to pet her, and she purrs and is so sweet, but then runs under the bed whenever she hears the dogs (which is often, because they're always barking). If you know anyone (even a rescue) that could give her a chance, I would hugely appreciate it. I'm in and out and my daughter is leaving for a trip soon, and I just don't know anywhere else to turn. No response to ads yet. Thanks for any ideas.
White with black/gray tabby spots--and she sticks her tongue out -- very cute.
I may have funds for spaying as well. I'll let you know later today.
-Are you in the Redding Area?
I can deliver too. 100 mile radius.
-I have a number to call for a Spay/Neuter Voucher. About $20 off I think.